- Free PlayStation Emulator

Written by BERO and LDChen

This AmigaPPC version is ported by Mathias "AmiDog" Roslund 2000-2015

Have a look at the FPSE compatibility database for compatibility information.

151029: Fixed a bug in the GUI menu setup. As promised, the SDK has been updated and the sources for all plugins are now included.

151009: I noticed there was an unreleased small update. The only change is in the lowlevel.library joy plugin. It allows two lowlevel ports to be used to emulate one psx pad. I've also put together a little plugin SDK. The sources for a few plugins are included. More plugin sources will be added later when I've fixed some dependencies.

120625: The Warp3D plugin has been ported to AROS and bugfixed to work with software renderers (Wazp3D). This release also contains some minor fixes and usability improvements.

120205: This release fixes link mode emulation on 68k and x86 and adds a new lowlevel.library joy plugin, which should enable some kind of pad support for all ports.

080314: This release fixes a few minor issues and adds ports for MorphOS and AROS (x86). While the MorphOS port should be pretty well behaved, the AROS one still has some issues.

080223: This release fixes a few bugs and should make the OS3 version work better on MorphOS.

080203: I'm not going to bore you with the details here, just go to the download page and grab your copy of the long awaited FPSE 0.10.0!