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Q: Help! My question not answered here?
A: Well, because nobody asked it before! E-mail me!
Q: What do I need to run FPSE?
A: A PowerPC based Amiga computer with AmigaOS4 and a couple of PSX games.
Q: How can I make FPSE work on WinXP?
A: You can't. FPSE only runs on PowerPC based Amiga computers with AmigaOS4. It doesn't work on a PC with WinXP.
Q: Where can I get games for FPSE?
A: You buy them at your local video game store, or ebay, or any other place selling PSX (PSOne, Playstation 1) games.
Q: How do I download from your site?
A: This is not any illegal warez site, only a site with compatibility information. You can't download anything.
Q: Why won't FPSE show the playstation loading logo when i press start File/CD?
A: You need a playstation bios file, If you have one put it into the
BIOS directory and select it from the FPSE gui. <<The bios is not freeware
so dont bother to ask us for it>>
Q: I have the bios file now but it won't load the bios anyway (Just gives me a black screen).
A: If you don't have a soundcard then this will happen, so to be able to play with FPSE you need to go to the plugin's menu in the gui and select SPU " SPUNull.dll " from the file list ASL.
Q: I have lots of playstation games, does every playstation game work with FPSE ?
A: Sadly not all games released for the playstation works with FPSE at this stage, but go to our FPSE database to see more about which games have been tested. If any of your games works thats not iIn the database, then please add them. FPSE DB: http://www.amidog.se/fpsedb
Q: I Have some games that gives me a GrimReaper, will theese games ever be supported?

Some games do this and some games (infact most) are working fine - even if the GrimReaper appears.

Here is a tip: If you get a GrimReaper press continue once and then press ignore errors, The game should then continue. (Remeber to mark these events in the FPSE database (in comments.)

Q: A game gives me a GrimReaper, and when i select ignore errors it continues but the sound is distorted.
A: Yep, you will have to press continue once before you select ignore errors.
Q: What's this function "Compiler" about?
A: The compiler makes stuff go faster but might break stuff too. Always try your games with compiler ON, if the game works fine then keep compiler on.
Q: I'm sick of using the keyboard to play , can i use a gamepad?
A: No, not at this stage. But as soon as OS4 has gamepad support then this will be added to FPSE too.
Q: Is it possible to use a mouse?
A: Go to FPSE-Gui and select plugins, then joy0 file icon and select joy0mouse.dll.
Q: Is the lightgun G-Con supported?
A: Gun support is currently not supported.
Q: Where do i select which CD-Drive i'm using?
A: In the FPSE-Gui select plugins and the CD-File icon and select cdrom.dll.
Then press configure and add the information for your drive (Remeber to press AutoDetect Read Mode after you''re done selecting device.)
Q: Is FPSE hardware accelerated?
A: Currently no, but this will be added as soon as WARP3D is released for OS4.
Q: How do i play iso's in FPSE?
A: In the FPSE-Gui select plugins and the CD-File icon and select cdimage.dll.
Q: I have a .iso game, but it's just stopping on the BIOS screen (no booting) , why?
A: Only BIN+CUE format works in FPSE.
Iso ,nrg ,ccd etc will not work in FPSE.
Q: How do i make a bin+cue iso ?
A: Either use FryingPan (Amiga / Aminet) or Cdrwin (Pc)
Q: Some games gives me garbled/distorted XA sound and it's driving me nuts.
A: This is a known problem, i suggest that you try to turn off the XA playback.

FPSE Gui/Plugin & select configure on the SPU and do this:

Q: I want to add some games to the FPSE DB, how do i do that?
A: 1. First of all register to the site.
2. Check If the game you will add is in the DB allready, if it is then just add comment instead of a new entry.
3. Always test the games with compiler ON first.
4. Always remeber to add locale (Ie Pal / Ntsc / Jap)
5. Always remeber to add a comment.

FPSE - Free/Final PlayStation Emulator Written by BERO and LDChen
AmigaOS 4 version is ported by Mathias "AmiDog" Roslund 2000-2002
Database by Martin Bergmann 2004